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Automated Dual-Axis Solar Tracker and Data-Logger using an Atmega328.

Dual -axis solar tracker with data-logging made as a minor project during the previous semester.


Raspberry Pi Document Scanner with Automated Upload to Dropbox!

Have you ever got worried when you’ve not been able to find a bill or post-it note that you really needed? With the Raspberry Pi Document Scanner now you won’t have to! All your notes, receipts and documents will now be a click away safely stored in your Dropbox folder.

Line Follower

This is a run of the mill line follower robot I built for inter college robot competitions. It’s about 20cm in length. It consists of an array of 5 IR LED transmitter-receiver pairs. This board is then connected to the main controller board that has an Arduino Pro Mini as it’s brain. The output of […]

Scout Mk 1

This is Scout…an obstacle avoider that can log temperature and talk! He can talk using a wave shield.The speaker used is rated 1/2W and 8 ohms.For the chassis I used a 4mm thick acrylic sheet (about 22cm X 20cm)…right now the chassis is only temporary as I plan to make a more robust one. I […]

The Wiggler

The wiggler is a one motor robot I built for the Single Motor Challenge on LMR for which I won third place. It’s pretty tiny compared to the robots I’ve built before and fitting all the electronics into the small head was a bit difficult. The Wiggler’s primary function is detecting the nearest light source […]

Three Servo Hexapod

This is my first attempt a legged robot. The core parts for this robot are three 9g Hobby Servos, an Arduino Pro Mini board for the controller and an HCSR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor for obstacle avoidance. The neat thing about this robot is that it’s body is mostly made out of stuff I found sitting […]