Quadcopter From Scratch v2.0: Part I

This project is the second, much-improved version of my previous Quadcopter project. The PCB designing and manufacturing company EasyEDA were kind to reach out to me and provided their excellent PCB manufacturing services for the quadcopter board. The schematics and PCB board layout can be found on the EasyEDA project page.

The PCB design process on the EasyEDA website was very smooth and efficient. They provide a huge range of customization options for the PCB manufacturing at a reasonable price. For this project, I chose the green colour PCB option and the quantity I chose was 5.

The boards were delivered promptly and I was very impressed with the quality of the boards. Normally, I just manufacture my project boards in-house through the toner transfer method. However, you can see the different in quality between a board manufactured at home and the professionally manufactured boards by EasyEDA

For now, I have completed soldering the components on the board and I’m currently working on the Quadcopter arms in order to mount the micromotors. The material I’m leaning towards using for the arms is Polymorph as it has proved to be light-weight yet robust in my previous projects. Here is a picture of one of my early versions for the arm:


I have also opted to use the TQFP32 package of the ATMega328 instead of the DIP package in order to reduce the board size and also trim down the weight. This version of the quadcopter will turn out looking much sleeker and much easier to fly compared to my previous one. Stay tuned for Part II.


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