Line Follower / Maze Solver Mk2 : Part 1

This is a second and much more improved maze solver / line follower I’m building as compared to my previous one.

This post will have pictures of the components and pictures of the PCB I made. I started this project 2 days ago after receiving the new parts I ordered. Also, at the time of writing this post, my last PCB drill bit took it’s last breath ๐Ÿ˜€

I’ve ordered new drill bits which should in a couple of days, so this project will be on hold until then.

Parts list :

  • 8 Line sensor array from ICStation.
  • 2 x Geared motors
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Chassis made of thick acrylic (Yet to be made)

I went with a ready made sensor array this time since my DIY sensor array efficiency varied with the ambient light conditions alot i.e. it was ver susceptible to noise. After doing some research I decided that the QTR sensor would be the best choice and found a cheap version on ICStation. I was stoked to find out that this sensor had digital as well as analog o/p. It also had a separate pin to switch the IR LEDs on or off in order to reduce power consumption.

The sensor module also works with the Pololu QTR sensor library and has so far worked great in different light conditions.


I custom made theย  PCB using Eagle and the toner transfer method.Here are some pictures of the process :

As you can see a part of the circuit hadn’t transferred on to the copper completely, therefore I had t0 hand draw two connections using a permanent marker ๐Ÿ˜€

The etching process ran smoothly though and I’m quite happy with the way the board turned out. Now I await the drill bits so that I can drill holes on to the PCB and get on with the soldering and testing phase.

Until then……….


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