Raspberry Pi Media Cube

This is a small weekend build I did using the Raspberry Pi Model B. I felt bad for my Raspberry Pi just sitting in a box collecting dust and decided that I’d gone too long without building something with it. All I’d done so far with the Pi was flash an image of Raspbian on one 16GB microSD and an ancient version of XBMC on a 2GB microSD (Nothing like working on a tight student budget! :p ). Long story short, I ended up building a Raspberry Pi media cube using OSMC (Open Source Media Center). I really liked the fact that OSMC came with the  option of SSH so I could remotely mount the HDD. It also works with the Kodi Remote app so you can control the entire media centre from your phone!

The Build

Here’s a short summary of the steps I followed to make the cube :

  • Building the frame: I used 2 square pieces of clear acrylic sheet having a length of 13cm. I stacked the sheet to form 2 levels using 4cm metal spacers. This height was enough to house the Pi at the bottom along with a little room to spare. The 7-port USB HUB was mounted on top along with a 5V battery pack to power the PI. (Note: I still needed to use a 5V adapter since the HDD needed a separate power supply.)
  • Flashing OSMC: I deleted all traces of the ancient XBMC ISO and formatted the 2GB microSD card. I then flashed it with OSMC RC3.
  • First boot: Finally booted the Pi up and was welcomed by the OSMC flash screen.So far, so good.
  • Mounting the HDD: This is the step where the problems began to unfold. My HDD refused to be mounted and my Pi started shouting back errors at me! This was followed by a period of frantic googling. Turned out I had to perform a chkdsk /f on my HDD. All those times of ignoring the Safey Remove Hardware option coming back to bite me. Everything ran pretty smoothly after that.
  • Additional Resources: I then proceeded edit the /etc/fstab file to enable the mount the HDD on boot up. This post was pretty helpful.

Build Photos

Photo 01-07-15 14 57 55 Photo 01-07-15 14 58 14 Photo 01-07-15 15 14 50


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