Three Servo Hexapod

This is my first attempt a legged robot. The core parts for this robot are three 9g Hobby Servos, an Arduino Pro Mini board for the controller and an HCSR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor for obstacle avoidance. The neat thing about this robot is that it’s body is mostly made out of stuff I found sitting on my desk. It’s legs are made out empty pen refill tubes and they are connected using old mechanno parts. The dimensions are 16cm X 13cm X 9cm (L x B x H).

Build Photos


Some features of the hexapod are:

  • Autonomous object avoidance using the HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor.
  • Battery Voltage detection : The hexapod autonomously stops in its tracks and starts beeping signalling that it’s run out of battery and needs some charging.
  • Interactive head : The LDR mounted on the hexapods head makes it “sensitive” to petting. By detecting the change in light intensity on its head the hexapod responds with a happy wiggle. (Check the video.)


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