First part of my second build on making a micro-quadcopter from scratch. This time the board was designed using EasyEDA tools, who also were kind enough to manufacture the boards. Thank you EasyEDA!


Part 2 of my project based on the RHex robot by Boston Dynamics.

Second part to my line follower / maze solver build. In this second part of my maze solver build I’ll go through the final PCB making, mounting all the parts onto a chassis and testing the robot.

Part 1 of my robot project based on the RHex robot by Boston Dynamics.

An improved and updated version of my previous Line Follower Robot.

Dual -axis solar tracker with data-logging made as a minor project during the previous semester.

Have you ever got worried when you’ve not been able to find a bill or post-it note that you really needed? With the Raspberry Pi Document Scanner now you won’t have to! All your notes, receipts and documents will now be a click away safely stored in your Dropbox folder.